Monday, September 15, 2014

welcome back :)

Update after 3years of not blogging. (Even bukan pemblogger tegar )

Married with one kid.
I have a super clingy son named muhammad furqan. He is 18months.
He likes to dance. He is addicted to hi 5.i spend my time 24/7 with him.

Postgrad student in accounting field.
Susah sgt nk commit with all the assignments, presentation and deadline because once I switch on the laptop then the boy will come and sebok2 jgk.sobs.may all the hard works paid off.time malam je la nk siap kan segala assignments after he's asleep.

Ttbe terfikir nak document kan all the updates in my life so that once Im dead, my loved ones can read and I still remains in their memories.

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